The Tumble Difference

The Tumble Difference

Tumble is a boutique gymnastics studio designed for kids ages 6 months to 10 years. Classes are based in non-competitive gymnastics, focused on fun and exploration. We strongly believe Gymnastics creates a foundation for all future sports and supports both motor skill and cognitive development. Flipping somersaults is not only fun, it’s a gateway to body awareness and skills that last a lifetime.

Message from Coach Jen

Hello, Gymnastics Enthusiast! I'm Jen, a mama of two girls, entrepreneur and former competitive gymnast. As a child, I started gymnastics at the age of six and it quite literally changed my life. Did I go to the Olympics? NO. Of course, I didn't. However, the skills I learned in the gym translated into body awareness, strength, focus, drive and eventually a track scholarship and being a member of the Portland Trail Blazer stunt team during college. Pretty cool for a gym rat.

I wanted to bring my love for gymnastics to the rest of the world. I've designed a gymnastics program for kids ranging from 6 months to 10 years of age focused on lots of fun, learning and benefits like, core strength, cognitive skills, exercise, flexibility, confidence...need I say more?

I am forever thankful for the opportunity to share my lifelong passion for gymnastics and movement for kids in a safe, fun, and engaging environment.